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How to Offer Credit Card Authorization Materials

(3 STEPS: 1, 2, 3

1. We need the picture or the scan copy of your visa card (the one with which you used to pay)

picture or the scan copy of your visa card

For your privacy sake, you can cover the middle numbers. The first and last 4 numbers must be clear in the picture, as well as the name and expiry date.

You can also do it like this:

can the card and black out the middle numbers

Scan the card and black out the middle numbers except for the first and last 4 numbers, name, and expiry date.

2. We also need your passport, or driver license, or any other documents that can prove your identity.

your passport, or driver license

You can obscure any private information (birthday, headshot, etc.,) except for your name and the expiry date.

obscure any private information

To black out them is also ok.

3. Please handwrite an authorization declaration. Here's the example.

My full name is XXXX. The purchase on the order TXXXXX in the amount of XXXUSD dollars, Transaction Date xxxxx from my Visa card XXXXX is authorized.

Photograph or scan it, and send them to us by email like this

Photograph or scan

With all the above materials, your transaction will be regarded as authorized by the card owner, therefore, your order will be processed soon.

Any transaction on is secure; your private information will never be leaked out from us. Thank you for your cooperation.

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