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What are the advantages and disadvantages for each way?

Please check the table below to get a rough idea:





Easy to track;
Door to door.
You'll have to pay import duty(for most of the time);
Sometimes it's not easy to do the customs clearance.


No import duty (for most of the time).
Not easy to track;
Only takes packages less than 2kg.


Cheaper than express;
Suitable for big orders.
Not door to door service;
Have to do the customs clearance by yourself.


Suitable for big orders.
Not door to door service;
Have to do the customs clearance by yourself.

The express way is very fast (usually 3-6 days), but it’s more expensive than the post. If the order is very urgent for you, please choose express.

The post is the cheapest way, but the delivery time is long (10 to 30 days). And only those packages less than 2kg can be shipped by post. So if your order is less than 2kg and you are not in a hurry, you can choose shipping by post.

If your order is very big, urgent and you can’t afford express, you can choose to ship it by air. The delivery time is similar to express, but the freight is much cheaper. You just need to find a nice customs clearance company to help you do the customs clearance.

Shipping by sea is slow(30-45 days) and cheap. Good for big and not urgent order.

If you are still confused about them, just ask us for suggestion.

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